2020 Guilford Police Citizen Satisfaction Survey

The Guilford Police Department is currently conducting its biennial citizen satisfaction survey.  The goals of the survey are:

    – To measure overall agency performance
    – To measure levels of police performance
    – To measure citizens’ perception of officers’ attitudes and behaviors
    – To measure levels of citizen concerns for safety
    – To provide an opportunity for the public to make suggestions for improvement

The Guilford Police Department values the opinions of those we serve and we welcome any input you can provide that may help us to improve as an organization.  Your participation in this survey will help us better understand the needs of our community and to identify areas for potential improvement.

We would appreciate you just taking a few minutes to complete the survey.  Please make sure your opinion is heard by participating in the survey, which will run from September 4th, 2020 through September 24th, 2020.  Any questions regarding this survey can be directed to the Office of the Chief of Police, (203) 453-8244.  Thank you in advance for your valuable participation.

This survey will be accessible via a link on the Guilford Police Department website as well as the Guilford Police Department Facebook page.  It can also be accessed directly at https://veoci.com/veoci/p/form/admqdp2xhsqh.


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